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Secrets in the Islands

A Sami Series Adventure

Secrets in the Islands by Lauren de Leeuw Juvenile Fiction

Having world famous archaeologists for parents isn’t easy. Sure, the stories about their discoveries used to be exciting, but recently twelve-year-old Sami Johnson just feels like she’s missing out.

That is, until now.

After being left behind one too many times, she finally gets to tag along with her parents to their next dig site. Keeping it local and seemingly simple for Sami’s first glimpse into the family business, the Johnson’s head to Haida Gwaii – a group of islands off the west coast of Canada where an old fishing weir and some ancient spearheads were recently discovered. But things start going downhill as soon as they arrive.

After meeting a new friend, Sami realizes that the whole island is awash in secrets. Missing artifacts, late night stakeouts and stalkers in the forest were not what Sami was expecting on this trip and she begins to wonder if this was why her parents had left her at home for so many years. Can Sami find the grit, determination, and most importantly the confidence, to make it through and solve this mystery before it’s too late?

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